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Xpert-60 Wash & Wax Luxury Shampoo 1L

Quickly removes road dirt and traffic jam film to leave paintwork surface clean,bright and glossy.Neutral pH to maintain and protect integrity of paintwork wax.Fully biodegradable.


THE Xpert-60 Wash & Wax Luxury Shampoo

Xpert-60 Car Wash and Wax 500ml:
• Luxurious shampoo, cleans and preserves paintwork, shines in one easy action.
• Quickly removes road dirt & traffic film to leave paintwork surfaces clean, bright and glossy.
• Neutral pH to maintain and protect integrity of paintwork wax.
• Fully biodegradable in accordance with Regulation (EC) No648/2004


Professional technology – everyday use: That’s the Xpert-60 strapline, and it’s not just a throw away. Concept Chemicals, the name behind the brand is recognised as one of Europe’s leading creators and manufacturers of high quality cleaning and appearance enhancing products for the professional user.Combining Concept product technologies in smaller pack sizes, Xpert-60 is the Brand for the professional, semi-professional and enthusiast. Concept launched the Xpert-60 detailing brand to enable us to offer our cleaning, detailing and coatings technologies to a wider market of both professionals and enthusiasts who are passionate about achieving the maximum quality of finish on their vehicles.


Founded in 1987 by a team dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, Concept’s unique position in the global market is built upon the delivery of innovative, high quality product solutions for cleaning, re-conditioning and detailing operations across the automotive, transport, marine and industrial markets.

  • World-class performance & quality
  • Market leading cost-in-use economy
  • Versatility and durability
  • Speed and ease of use
  • Solutions, not just products


Operating in over 60 countries worldwide, Concept is ideally placed to work with customers to keep abreast of market changes and share best practice. Concept prides itself on being at the forefront of delivering innovative technologies and products in the automotive, marine and transport aftermarket. A continuous product development programme is constantly searching for new solutions to ensure our brand users get the very best performance from our products… products that work successfully across a range of market, environment and climatic conditions.


With its own labs, testing facilities and even a training school, Concepts products (and therefore the Xpert-60 range) are created to fulfil needs and solve problems. Used on everything from humble bicycles, to multi-million pound mega-yachts and aircraft as well as cars, buses and trucks of all varieties. The experience gained in surface and materials technology has been invaluable in providing products that work.

Directions for Use

Do not apply to hot surfaces; use out of strong direct sunlight.
Rinse off any loose dirt/grit prior to washing.
Always use a clean sponge and clean bucket.
Add 4 capfuls (40 ml) into 10 litre bucket of hand hot water (1: 200).
Work application from lower half of vehicle upwards.
Rinse off thoroughly with clean water.
To prevent water spotting dry off any remaining water droplets with Auto-Dri synthetic chamois.

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